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"Bid without an audit first? Never."

Unlock the power of persuasive proposals with TKS. Our expert audits are designed to refine your pitch, align with industry best practices, and give you the competitive edge needed to win.
Tailor-made audit strategies for winning contracts
Expert analysis to enhance your RFP compliance and appeal
By holding GOV contracts ourselves, we understand the value of quick awards
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Why an Expert Audit is Critical:

Stay Current
Ensure your proposal reflects the latest industry standards and best practices with our expert audit.
Maximize Wins
Elevate your win rate with a proposal that’s scrutinized and optimized by seasoned professionals.
Stay Ahead
Secure a competitive edge as TKS transforms your good proposals into exceptional ones.
Show Confidence
In the race for contracts, speed is key; our audit positions you to act fast and bid with confidence.
Realize Your Proposal's Potential

Don't let a good proposal go unnoticed.

Our audits illuminate your strengths and carve out opportunities, setting the stage for your value proposition to shine.
"...Ok, but what's your goal?"
Our goal is to set a new standard for excellence in your proposals, making every submission an opportunity to demonstrate the unique value and solutions your business provides.

Common questions.

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What exactly is a proposal audit?
A proposal audit is a thorough review of your bid documents by an expert to ensure they are not only error-free and well-structured but also strategically poised to win. The audit analyzes content, clarity, and effectiveness, providing detailed feedback and actionable improvements.
How often should we conduct a proposal audit?
The GovCon market is dynamic, with competitors frequently updating their proposals. It’s no longer enough to audit annually; staying competitive means adapting continuously. Regular audits help you keep pace with market changes and feedback, ensuring you're always at the forefront.
What deliverables can we expect from an audit?
You will receive a personalized pre-recorded video overview, a detailed written analysis with comments, meta-proposal suggestions, and strategic recommendations. Premium services can include full rewrites using proven winning language tailored to your needs.
What's the turnaround time for an audit?
Provided all necessary documentation is submitted promptly, a standard comprehensive audit is completed within 10 business days. For urgent requirements, we assess quick turnarounds on a case-by-case basis, reserving the right to decline if it doesn’t align with our schedule.
What is the price?
We tailor our pricing to align with your specific needs, ensuring you receive a package that's as unique as your bid. For detailed pricing information, please contact us. Keep in mind, our services start at a minimum of $1,500 to reflect the bespoke and expert nature of our work.
Do you specialize in certain industries for proposal audits?
Our service is industry-agnostic, catering to all sectors that involve competitive bidding. We recommend that businesses seeking our services be well-established, having operated for at least 18 months, to fully benefit from our expertise.
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