Received a DocuSign and have questions?  explaining the value of 5X.

Five is a magic number.

5 sequential bid submissions and savings when committing to the full bundle.
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5X carries so many benefits.

Locked-In Rates
No guesswork each time. Pricing is fixed and handled with transparency.
Up to 40 Potentials Reviewed
With one-off projects, we may examine 2-3 fits. Higher viability is now enabled.
Bigger Impact
We are seeing customers get better, faster. No breaks in bidding = impact.
Roadmaps Included
We aim for varied purchaser types, budgets, and local markets.
Made For All Bandwidths
We're independent by nature. This limits touch points and distractions.
Want 10X or 20X?
Get in touch! The 5X development plan can renew automatically if desired.
Multiply Your Output

Relax, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 each flow the way they should.

Customers report a freedom to get bold and ambitious with higher volumes.

Common questions.

If you have any further questions, reach out using the link below.
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How will this help me get new contracts?
Sustainable growth is the goal of every TKS development, and something we list at the very top of our agreements. For us, vendors are not served by merely having one proposal written. Nothing works like that. Even the best template requires an additional layer of pricing support, a proactive post-submission phase, and needs to feel like a team was (and currently is) behind it. Think of the 5X like using an amplifier at a concert; more people hearing you, professional sound, and a proper tribute to those hours practicing.

TKS doesn't get flashy with confidential client information like win rates (which are never accurately reported and cannot be verified), but our companywide 9 out of 10 shortlisting average is undeniable.

The expertise housed here creates scenarios that were unthinkable for our clients before. We take our contract veterans and 22+ signed agreements that we have ourselves and apply everything using best design practices, advocacy, and a process that has brought repeat business since 2019.
Do you write the proposals?
Yes, that is a critical part of the 5X. But the main service goes beyond lead generation or simply writing a proposal. The entire pre-contract phase and even months into the contract before the first invoice are tackled. It's a level of care that can unseat incumbents and attract partnerships from one engagement...If this is not what you expected, or wish to downgrade to a freelancer, we can make recommendations.
Do you handle my industry?
If the service can be procured or if a council in the US has ever allocated funds to acquire said service, we can handle the pre-contract activities, including everything leading to the first invoice. Products and product lists are not in scope currently.

Some exceptions to this: printing services under $25K, some pilot programs, and bids behind invite-only procurements.
What does "sequential" mean in the 5X context?
Bids are handled one-after-another in a leap frog pattern, whereby the second bid doesn't start until the first is submitted. This is beneficial for everyone involved, keeps us focused, and reduces burnout.
What is the price?
Contact us for pricing. Indicators of financial stability may be requested to ensure uninterrupted service, and to verify items like additional insurance coverage can be obtained, as needed or per the RFP.
Can I split the two payments even more, or start a monthly subscription?
Currently, this is not possible. We can only add a new 5X development into our workflow once the deposit (usually 50 percent of the total) is received. More details are available in your agreement. If you just received the DocuSign and would like a walk-through, we created this loom video.
CapX Consulting Testimonial

"A stunning visual style for CapX proposals. Appreciated the quick onboarding too. What can we go after next?"

Saw a 200% increase in submission volume.
Nina Gortinski
Founder and CEO
"Can I Manage This Contract Remotely?"

"Can I Manage This Contract Remotely?"

We look at onsite assumptions for managing contracts. Vital for some deployments, and often time the clarity isn't there.
August 4, 2022
See how TKS sparks new invoicing opportunities.
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