An Introduction to Capture Management

A process with massive benefits, and one that is rarely understood. Our capture approach pushes the industry further than any of our competitors.

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A Free Resource for Property Managers

Sample proposals from within the last year sent to compete for various allocated funds to manage properties. Our team compiled 14 files to provide a wide range of pricing, technical approaches, etc.

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Requirements You Need to Map

Many times, requirements go under the radar, even after multiple readings of a bid document.

These include significant assumptions from the side of the purchasing entity, which feature gaps made intentionally or unintentionally by the purchasing manager and his/her evaluators.

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Typical Questions for a Pursuit Decision

A template and guide for how to approach a new RFP opportunity. This list of questions applies to every contracting supplier/provider out there. 

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Estimated Contract Value

We rely heavily on research and a customized list of questions to obtain this figure. It's an important metric for public bids that do not have a "Not-to-Exceed" or NTE amount.

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Creative Methods

We can also target grants, options for fundraising, and other vehicles for non-profits or divisions of for-profit enterprises.

We provide capture management for our paying/subscribed clients. However, our clients could also sell this service to their customers. We are accustomed to subcontracting our services out...

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Opportunity Scouting

Contractors often falsely assume that 100 percent of the public opportunities out there are searchable or merely behind one paywalled aggregator.  

Sadly, information is not distributed evenly across the aggregator/RFP database services. To make matters worse, most descriptions and deadlines are out-of-date ghosts of what used to be.

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