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A Common Story: Customers Get Time Back

A Common Story: Customers Get Time Back

TKS customers see massive benefits, including more time to focus on capturing the full contract term and rebid.
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When we talk about TKS customers...

We are talking about people who have gotten time back. Innovators and champions of their industry that now have (sometimes) days back on their calendar to spend on a new feature or rollout. 

We are also spotlighting contractors who prefer to stay busy within their worlds, happy with the productions booked, or content with serving one role: that of owner; not bid designer, reviewer, printer, and FedEx runner.

The stories of people staying in their offices past 10 pm working on a single proposal have to stop. Or the viral posts on LinkedIn about flying to a purchaser’s office to make an in-person delivery… No one should sacrifice family time or say 'No' to other responsibilities when there is an alternative. Better resources are available.

At TKS, we have inspired a new breed of contractor… One that uses a win to capture 3 or 4 others within the local area, or within the same administrative office. We have seen partners increase budgets 10 fold with just their industry knowledge and our way of presenting it.

So much is possible when you have time back.

Total advocacy, a total care

What about advocacy? Customers typically come to us without bidding or GovCon advocates, and this includes internal staff. They won’t be experienced with firms that challenge the SaaS model, meaning many think if they need help, that only looks like a subscription or database.

Advocacy to us is Total. It means that clients receive a total care, all around. It’s something that’s locked in, where it’s slow to go the other way. Many bidders do not have this when first starting out, therefore, it’s a massive differentiator, tool, and resource.

Customers get the very best presentation of their offering, and we fight for certain conditions to appear in the RFP or the agreement when needed. If a purchaser comes back with questions, which they often do, this is another avenue for our advocacy to play out.

When something new happens, can you tell?

Can you spot when something potentially revenue generating occurs in this space? When a new door opens up? Our customers have been taking advantage of these moments where TKS calls attention to small windows of opportunity, while others are chasing the bigger ones.

Or when a pilot has been canceled 4 times and customers want to spend 1-2 months chasing the 5th reissue, we’ll show the history, as well as predict where the procurement might be going. This prediction usually comes with another opportunity to pursue.

Saving time and giving priority to the right things has proven to speed up the ROI. It also drives more valuable metric stacking (# of partnerships go up, etc.), which affect valuation and standing in your industry.

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