Partnership Brokerage

We have become a contract matchmaker for subconsultants and primes.

Getting Started

Our $299/week subscription doesn't end at a high-value pipeline or access to a dedicated bid team. We are also a trusted "matchmaker" for companies hoping to partner or provide additional value by creatively teaming with local organizations.

The greatest challenge for small businessespositioning to win using teaming strategies. Owners simply cannot find enough time to form partnerships while they also carefully review bid documents, attend the pre-bid conference, price the work, submit a competitive proposal, and carry on with operations to serve existing clients. Fortunately, there's a solution for that.

That's where our teaming methodology comes in.

We built this approach after 20+ years of navigating the requirements of joint ventures, mentor-protégé relationships, primary and secondary vendor alliances, subconsultant bids that propose on select elements of a scope, etc.

For any given open/active opportunity, we'll isolate a list of interested (includes pre-qualified and/or certified) vendors and perform checks on each vendor's likelihood to win given TKS proprietary indicators. An Analyst assigned to your account will then create a shortlist and supplement this with recommendations on paths forward to kickstart partnership discussions.

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