Meet Ken, Your RFP Analyst

Traditional bid teams employ "Bid Coordinators" and experience high turnover. Whereas we attract trained and highly proficient data savants with our team culture, dynamic roles, and compensation packages. Almost a decade ago, we saw the underfunded nature of the arts and sciences, along with a large pool of qualified analytically-minded candidates on the market, and slowly developed the RFP Analyst position.

RFP Analysts must know how to perform requirements mapping, think critically, scrutinize bid documents, analyze administrative gaps, and attempt to complete the picture through multiple readings of an RFP.

This is a lot to handle for a small business owner, and so we recommend giving these tasks to someone like Ken.

Ken Ng

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RFP Analyst

Ken brings over four years of Project Management and Quality Assurance experience to the team. He specializes in Agile project management and working under tight schedules while achieving maximum productivity. 

Major accomplishments include:

  • Actively manages pipelines with hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated contract value for a diverse range of client industries.
  • Prior to TKS, he created and executed test cases for CBS Interactive’s ET Live 24/7 online streaming app across multiple platforms including: iOS, Android, tvOS, FireOS and Roku.
  • He also successfully launched ET Live in October 2018, reaching more than 33,000 mobile/tv users and over 800,000 web/desktop users in the first two months. As of 2019 March, the app has reached more than 69,000 mobile/tv users and over 5 million web/desktop users.


What was your first job?

My first paid job was collecting plastic bottles and stacks of old newspapers from home and selling them to recycling centers in Hong Kong when I was 8 years old.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about cultural representation in different outlets, and in the growth of technology. Working at TKS has introduced me to various kinds of ways on how new technologies, such as blockchain, can bring different people together and solve global problems.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

If I were a crayon color, I think I’d be black. I have always believed that black is the perfect color to outline shapes and objects in a drawing, and I want to become a person who helps bring clarity and definition to the big picture.

How much do you know about current and prospective clients?

I usually try to find out our prospective clients’ service offerings and business interests through our one-on-one walkthroughs and online research in order to determine what bids will best fit their needs.

Once clients have been onboarded into our pipeline, we use an internal lead management system to track our clients’ progress. Through the system, we are able to monitor the RFP process, find out who we should be following up with, and learn which prospective clients we should be conducting research for before our walkthrough meetings.

What’s the most helpful way for you to get feedback?

Direct, straightforward, and clear written feedback is the most helpful way for me to understand what a client needs.

What three words would you use to describe the culture at TKS?

Flexible - Striving - Attentive

Times of the day where you’re most active with client pipelines?

I am most active with client pipelines in the morning. Usually, I start the day researching bid opportunities for clients in different time zones and put them in their pipelines based on their business models and interests. Then I conduct requirements mapping for each RFP to list out the proposal’s purposes and contract requirements, such as the due date, contract size and point of contact. This information is helpful for clients to efficiently determine which opportunities they would like to move forward with, instead of having to sort through all of the RFPs themselves.

Ready to work with Ken?

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