Our Leadership

Joseph Letke, Chief Executive Officer

Joseph (Jo) runs TKS. Previously, he spent 14 years at various >$500M dollar corporates directing bid teams and improving procedures to ensure 2-3 contract wins per week.

Advisory / Experimental Facilitation

Jo has connected several emerging technology advisories with local/state agencies (acting as the engagement facilitator), including connecting Fitzner Blockchain Consulting with Washoe County, NV to encourage a discussion on the County’s online educational materials. He encouraged the firm to submit a report in order to correct the record regarding a new technology being used to digitally certify marriages. The County responded by correcting several instances where the technology was mentioned on their .gov site based on the recommendations.

Bid Capture Leadership

During Q1 2020, he partnered TKS with a leading proposal development firm (GDIC) to complement their service offerings and bring leadership in critical areas (capture processes, reviews and approvals, etc.).

  • Oversees the pipeline health of over $1B in contract value.
  • Regularly liaises with government agencies and advises on how best to steer potential opportunities before a formal RFP has been issued.
  • Has developed multiple pilots for housing authorities and port authorities.
  • Provided hundreds of consultations for companies seeking Safety Act Designation, GSA Schedule approval, 8(a) certification, and SBE/MBE/WOBE certifications.
  • Founded a Quality Assurance Team to monitor the performance of over 200+ Fortune 500 contracts.
  • Partnered with the largest education purchasing cooperative in North America.

Katherine Mao, Chief People Officer

A humble, third-time business (co)founder, Katherine partners hand-in-hand with Jo to analyze, execute, and optimize strategies to solidify TKS’s core team & partnerships and scale the company to the next level.

Previous Ventures and Successes

At 19 years old, Katherine embarked on her first e-commerce business venture with a personal fund of $1000. All done within her own mind and hands, her business cleared all 1.5k units of inventory within 7 months, making a profitable ROI by the end of year 1. Half a decade later, Katherine put her love for product development and business administration into real-life practice, which paved the way for her second self-funded entrepreneurial venture in the SaaS industry. Always willing to learn from ground zero and matching her soaring ambitions with relentless execution, Katherine led her team of 5 to develop two products with a subscription base of 7k by Q4, and still growing under the management of a trusted partner.

The Root of Trusted Relationships

From employment, to internships, to voluntary involvement at early-stage startups across various industries (SaaS, blockchain, consultancy, digital marketing, multimedia production, video/gaming...etc), Katherine has witnessed and experienced innumerable failures of how relationships were handled--relationships with partners, investors, clients, in-house employees, contractors, and individuals that swang by without giving/taking value to/from the business.

In the end, she tossed away the “corporate strategies” she had learned and now maintains one steadfast principle: be credible and valuable, consistently and professionally. Don’t boast with your lips what your hands cannot achieve and always place others’ best interests before your own. This principle/value, in deep alignment with that of Co-founder & CEO Jo, sits at the heart of TKS, and everything TKS brings to the table stems from it.

Kate Manning, Chief Strategy Officer

Kate leads strategy, marketing, client support, and educational initiatives at TKS. Previously, she fulfilled various executive roles at a leading ASEAN-based firm, winning millions in business.

Success with Strategy

Kate has been critical to significant wins and relationships with American, Australian, and British Cambers of Commerce, U.K. Ambassadors, Departments of Trade in Singapore, and other agencies within the U.K. and Thailand.

Project Rescue

She has led multiple critical project recoveries for diverse clients; these involve holistic assessments, the creation of rescue plans, and ongoing monitoring.

  • Oversees our team of RFP Analysts, as well as new feature rollouts.
  • Handles strategic project rescue for traditional and emerging tech contractors.
  • Elected to Board Director position in January 2017 (British Chamber of Commerce Thailand).
  • Monthly event speakerships exploring digital markets in ASEAN region, digital investments, and more.
  • Managed strategic partnerships in Asia Pacific, including Amazon Web Services, Kentico, and Sitecore.
  • Was critical to new contract wins with key agencies globally.

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