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Cassandra Williams
"Love our PD contracts. I couldn't have asked for a better partner!"
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Cassandra at EI60 uses TKS to obtain large, district-wide contracts with schools across the country.
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Our case study relates to a relative newcomer in the GovCon arena who is now qualified to provide professional development to close to 25 percent of the entire teaching stock in Texas, or approximately 81,000 K-12 educators.

Educational Innovation 360 (or EI360 for short) couldn't have chosen a better or more challenging time to help struggling teachers.

Based on what we know about teaching during the pandemic, 30 percent of teachers are thinking they'll likely leave teaching... or roughly 24,000 of those EI360 now has approved access to help.

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[Graphic Source: Brookings Article]

This presents both an existential crisis and opportunity to reconnect, reflect, and redirect passions inside the classroom. And we couldn't be happier to see a real transformative presence there with them.

ISDs need this more than ever, which should translate into a quick invoicing procedure for EI360.

My team at TKS took a few case studies and references and opened doors, over 2,000 K-12 campus doors in fact, to gain access to over 81,000 teachers. These are large numbers even in a space with historically low bill rates; volume saves the day and is enabled by RFPs that have expansive, multi-year scopes.

So what's next?

We have several recommendations and post-award tasks to put into place to ensure maximum use of this exposure. One such recommendation: micro landing pages for each district without stock imagery. Then, reach out to the respective contacts, introduce yourself, and share the link for internal distribution.

Any professional service niche can win this big with the right team and mindset.

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"We got the contract (after a BAFO and two interview rounds)."

Lloyd Singletary
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"We get super excited when working with TKS. It means things are cooking."

Danny Gonzalez
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