Received a DocuSign and have questions?  explaining the value of 5X.

Repeatedly told

"I see why you exist."

Founded by a GovCon veteran in 2019, we're perfect for more signed agreements in the health, GOV, and educational spaces.

Motivated by shared values.

We are appreciative of our clients and the business we're in where every day is a fun challenge.
Being "of service" means helping newcomers find their way. It also means that we will use our expertise for good.
People First
TKS was founded because people needed better tools and expertise in order to innovate within GOV.
"We Are The Bank"
People need what we have. This philosophy of being the bank keeps our valuable expertise top-of-mind. When focused, it can do anything.
TKS Culture & Beyond

Our people make waves.

Learning Stipends, Workshopping
Our team enjoys the ability to learn independently, workshop new ideas, and compare the proposal landscape using best practice design principles.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are needed to unlock the very best in ourselves and our creative work. Welcoming new ideas and promoting leaders who represent different voices are part of our fabric.
Awards and Recognition
TKS provides a platform for employee recognition with redeemable points, awards, and team-visible milestone moments.
Managing Director

"We got the contract (after a BAFO and two interview rounds)."

Lloyd Singletary
Managing Director
Virtual Velocity
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"We get super excited when working with TKS. It means things are cooking."

Danny Gonzalez
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News & Insight

"Can I Manage This Contract Remotely?"

"Can I Manage This Contract Remotely?"

We look at onsite assumptions for managing contracts. Vital for some deployments, and often time the clarity isn't there.
The Complete Three-Part Pricing Guide (For Proposals)
Edge Creation

The Complete Three-Part Pricing Guide (For Proposals)

Pricing justification explored from nearly every angle. Nail the engineering of best value every time.
Great Bidding Teams: The Building Phase

Great Bidding Teams: The Building Phase

Want to build a great bidding team? These are the major considerations and recommendations.
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