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Our Company

The Knowledge Stack is a next generation bid management service set on accelerating innovation and leveling the playing field.

We are not a platform or SaaS, but an integrated upgrade to your entire bidding effort.

The Knowledge Stack LLC (TKS) bridges the public-agency divide using tested procedures, engagement, liaising, partnerships, education, and other best practices. Our core offering has gone through six or seven iterations, improving each time, and ultimately bringing more value to our partners.

While we mainly focus on the capture management process for other companies, TKS also submits internally-produced proposals using the same process. We practice what we preach. 

More ways to significantly improve business processes: coming Summer 2020.

The above goals and values drive our path forward. TKS has been value-oriented since the very beginning.

Origin Story

Long ago, contractors wanting to submit a bid simply dove in. Then procurement departments started posting online…

Suddenly, firms from all corners of the country could see what thousands of agencies wanted. Everywhere! Soon enough, RFP aggregators were created just to stay afloat in the deluge of information, which necessitated more automation to keep up with the updates, which clogged already-full inboxes, and so on. And the waves got bigger.

A massive stream of opportunity, competition, and raw information flowed freely.

Consultants—the lifeguards of sorts—offered murky win guarantees for $10,000, $20,000, or higher. People flooded in to offer their two cents, many of whom never seriously had the credentials or contract wins.

Jump to today.

At TKS, our inflection point was seeing the (widely unexplored) depths of opportunity in human-driven pipelines as a base-layer solution. At $299/week, people think we’ve gone off the deep end, especially with the cost of labor in California. Maybe so. But you can’t seriously help small businesses tap in with unrealistic prices.

People are tired of pouring money down the drain, getting scammed by flashy consultants, and drowning in RFP databases—all about as effective as glorified (and exorbitantly expensive) search engines.

Business owners have limited bandwidth to find, vet, hire, and train internally-managed RFP Analysts, Proposal Managers, and Estimators. They’re just trying to win a contract and scale, not worry about workers comp or sick days in the process.

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