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✓ On-call support ✓ Recommendatons ✓ Deep dives

We're your autopilot for (weekly) new business

The world's first and only weekly subscription to actively manage RFPs includes:

Scouting Autopilot

All information comes pre-loaded with analysis and recommendations, rather than just a sea of shallow facts/figures. Less time worrying about bid fires means business owners can focus on the operations that truly matter.

Dedicated RFP Analysts

Our solution is human-based. Once subscribed, you have access to a dedicated RFP Analyst and GovCon Expert with 13+ years of experience. The TKS team becomes your capture management and bidding team, allowing you to effectively compete with larger firms in your industry.

A Mobile-Friendly Dashboard

  • 40 data points per pursuit.
  • Designed for volume and the best 'Go' decision possible.
  • Highly modifiable/flexible formats.
  • Adaptable to preferred platforms (e.g. Trello).
  • See estimated contract values and monitor your total pipeline value.

Daily Pipeline Development

We tend to our client pipelines on a daily basis, send notifications, and more. Addenda and updates are immediately reflected in your pipeline so that all information is current.

Deep Engagement

No administrative filler. We form real partnerships with our clients via weekly ongoing conversations about bandwidth, capabilities, etc. Engagements are in the client's preferred format (e.g. Slack).

Second Layer Consultation

Need writing, additional consultation, pricing analysis, packaging, and/or submission help? We can provide everything else at a special discounted hourly fee or act as the broker to get it done.

Dive deeper into our Starter Package Service with a one-minute introduction.

Everything you need, but consolidated into one $299/week subscription. We'll even complete some proposal sections for you.


Opportunity pipelines of the future must be no-nonsense, data-driven and curated resources that prove themselves valuable.

While the other guys plan video conferences to “circle back on X/follow-up on Y” or complain about being busy—everyone working with us regularly submits proposals with the best information available.  

No one stops the workflow on our side.