Received a DocuSign and have questions?  explaining the value of 5X.

To the contracting table we go.

TKS is what the world uses to reach a signed agreement in the health, GOV, and educational spaces.
Used by these leading companies
Billions captured and turned into other billions for 2,300+ prolific contractors.

“I am truly grateful to have connected with such a talented company.”

Cassandra Williams – CEO at Ei360⁰

Why TKS.

Everything related to RFPs
Thousands of engagements with large purchasers
By holding GOV contracts ourselves, we understand the value of quick awards
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Our partners go far.

Our pathways create better goals and partnerships. Backed by 15 years of grit.
We are advocates for innovation. Using our voice and presence in the industry, things get done.
Proposals are handled from end-to-end using enterprise-grade design and pricing justification.
We’ve helped over 2,300 valued partners establish their name within large institutions.
and we’re just getting started...

So much potential...

Historical and active comparable rates and total contract values. Makes the NTE a benefit. Replaces 6-figure FTEs who handle this function.
Edge Creation
Steer the sourcing event with an edge that speaks to major pains. Then unseat incumbents with areas that go beyond the pricing play.
Get submission and post-submission support, including full compliance checks. The final package will exceed industry standards.
Award Acceleration
Nudges, supporting materials, and testimonials sent at just the right time. Evaluators will remark on the sophistication displayed.
In-Contract Help
This goes beyond the pre-contract phase. Here, we can develop concept catalogs and other materials that speed up the first invoice.
Let's Talk. To learn more, get in touch with the TKS Team.
Proposal Design

All the ingredients for growth.

TKS comes with a design-forward approach that supports bidding a little higher. Gain more margin and quit the downward pricing spiral.
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GovCon Fit Audits

Unsure where to start? Get sized up.

Independent reviews using best practices. We'll benchmark against those bids/bidders in your category that have the most success.
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Advising on Possible Traps and Pathways

Advising on Possible Traps and Pathways

Connectivity at TKS drives repeatable successes and results in favorable ripple effects.
August 5, 2022
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